White & Gold Kleo Flat Top Hip Hop Rapper Retro Aviator Sunglasses With Brown Lenses

$ 26

  • Fashion Forward: Make an eye-catching statement everywhere you go.
  • Versatile wear: Perfect to add a touch of edginess to your everyday outfits, whether you’re attending a music festival, wearing streetwear or for everyday use.
  • Comfortable fit: Intended to provide comfort for extended periods of time, and suitable for different face shapes.
  • Quality Assurance Kleo has a reputation for quality and innovative designs.
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The White & Gold Kleo Flat Top Hip Hop Rapper Vintage Aviator Sunglasses will help you to shine in the spotlight. These sunglasses don’t just protect your eyes from the sunlight; they are a fashion statement. These sunglasses are a perfect example of retro and hip-hop style. They have a white and gold frame with brown lenses.


      1. Unique design: This flat top aviator style pays homage to vintage hip-hop fashion while blending modern and vintage aesthetics.
      2. White and Gold Frame: This bold combination makes these sunglasses an eye-catching accessory.
      3. Brown lenses: They are not only stylish but also offer excellent clarity of vision and reduce glare.
      4. UV Protection Equipped lenses that offer protection from harmful UV rays.
      5. Durable construction: Made with high-quality materials that ensure durability and resistance to wear.
      6. Universal Appeal: These sunglasses are designed to be versatile and suitable for men and women.


      • Unique Design: Combining white and gold frames, flat tops with brown lenses gives a unique and eye-catching appearance.
      • Vintage inspired: Aviator style is timeless and has a retro appeal.
      • Brown Lenses: Provide good protection from the sun and can improve visual clarity under bright conditions.
      • Hip-hop aesthetic: Flat top frames give a modern and edgy touch to hip-hop fashion.
      • Comfortable and lightweight: Many aviator glasses are known for being lightweight and comfortable.


    • Limited protection from UV rays: Users have mentioned that the category of lenses might not provide the best UV protection. Therefore, it is important to double check the specifications.
    • Polarization If glare reduction is important to you, check that the model you are considering has polarized lenses. Not all aviator shades have them.
    • Durability Some sunglasses that are less expensive may have less durable materials and construction. It can be useful to read reviews of specific models.
    • Versatility Aviators may not be suitable for all faces shapes. It is advisable to try them on prior to purchase.
    • Price Designer sunglasses are more expensive depending on their brand and quality.


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