Burberry Brit Men’s Check Placket Polo PPM64418 3886872

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  • A stylish design: Many users praise classic polo designs with the addition of the Nova Check pattern.
  • Comfortable fit Regular fit and soft cotton fabrics are appreciated for the comfort they provide.
  • Versatile : Can be used for a variety of occasions, including casual outings or work-related errands.
  • High-quality: Users praise the high quality of materials and construction. This makes it a durable item.
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The Burberry Brit Men’s Check Placket Polo is a seamless blend of elegance and modern design. Burberry’s PPM64418 style 3886872 polo shirt is a testament of their commitment to stylish, high-quality apparel. This polo shirt is ideal for the modern gentleman who enjoys a little luxury in their everyday clothing. It can be worn for casual events or more formal occasions.


  1. Signature check Detail: This polo has the iconic Burberry Check on the placket. It adds a distinctive and instantly recognizable touch.
  2. Premium Material: Made from high-quality, cotton fabric, this polo shirts offers a soft and breathable feel that ensures comfort all day.
  3. Classic Polo Design The shirt has a classic polo design with its three-button placket and traditional collar.
  4. Slim fit: This shirt has a slim fit that is contemporary and offers a sleek, modern silhouette.
  5. Versatile style: This polo can be worn with jeans, shorts or chinos. It is suitable for a variety of occasions and seamlessly blends casual and upscale looks.
  6. Subtle branding: Burberry Brit’s logo is subtly embroided, adding a touch to the brand’s prestige without overpowering the design.

1 review for Burberry Brit Men’s Check Placket Polo PPM64418 3886872

  1. xikove.xikove

    “The Burberry Brit Men’s Check Placket Polo is a game-changer! Its iconic Burberry check placket gives it a distinguished look that stands out in any crowd. Crafted from premium materials, this polo shirt feels incredibly luxurious and comfortable. The fit is spot-on, striking the perfect balance between relaxed and tailored. Whether I’m dressing up for a night out or keeping it casual during the day, this shirt effortlessly elevates my style. A must-have addition to any wardrobe!

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